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The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association preserves, enhances, and promotes the educational values of interscholastic athletics through the professional development of its members in the area of education, leadership, and services. To help further their mission with the use of new technologies, the NIAAA partnered with Sideline Access to develop and provide to every public and private middle school, junior high and high school in America, the NIAAA National High School Sports App. The App provides powerful tools to improve communication and drives engagement from your community to your local sports program.



What makes the NIAAA App so awesome?

People are on the move more today than ever before and every minute counts. The NIAAA app provides them with readily available information 24 hours a day, year round. Now that over 91% of Americans own smartphones, this has become the number one method used to access information online. The NIAAA app puts you and your school on the cutting edge of mobile communications. We provide you with a secure web-based Control Panel to manage your schedules, scores, sporting news, broadcasts, rosters, and more. You can also give Coaches, Staff, Journalism Teachers, Journalism Students, Broadcast Managers and even Local Sports Writers user accounts to help manage your school content to keep your players, students, parents and fans informed season long.



The features built into the app are similar to what is common with collegiate and professional sports apps, but until now have never been available to high schools on a national level due to the cost of development and maintenance. Together, we have removed those barriers with the introduction of the NIAAA app.





Content on the app for your school is managed on your end so that recent and breaking news can quickly and easily be added to communicate with your students, fans and community. We have developed an easy to use, yet powerful and flexible Control Panel you can access anywhere in the world as information changes for your program. You can even import your schedules and other content to reduce the time required to manage your content. Scores can be entered via the web-based Control Panel and by logging into the NIAAA app from the sideline of the game after the final score. This will trigger the Push Notification FINAL Score Alert to all your fans using the app, no matter where that are on the planet and just like college and pro teams!

Once you have created your account you can invite your coaches, staff, journalism and broadcast teachers, administrators, and broadcast managers. Each account type provides quick and easy tools to help your manage you events, content and improves communication to the community.

The team at Sideline Access has decades of experience in custom software, mobile development and broadcasting. We did not have access to technology like this when we were in high school and only wonder how much better we would be if we had. To help provide our service as an educational tool, we have also designed user levels in the Control Panel for your journalism and broadcast students. This provides them with a real world opportunity to learn about journalism and managing a mobile network. A skill we all know will serve them well in their futures as mobile continues to dominate as the #1 method to access the world.





Sideline Access provides you with a hassle free, 24/7 mobile broadcasting network accessible anywhere on the planet with a cellular and/or WiFi connection. Broadcast all your sporting events, coaches shows, student shows, etc. and keep your fans better informed and connected. If you are interested in broadcasting your sporting events or looking for a better solution, please contact us at We can help you improve your broadcast quality and develop an advertising program for your school to generate revenue from your sports broadcasts all while helping you engage your broadcast and journalism students to provide educational and training opportunities.




The NIAAA app is a 100% FREE service and FREE to broadcast your audio and video content. Better yet, its a service to help generate fundraising for your school. We are here to serve your school by making cutting edge mobile technologies available to the high school level while enhancing interscholastic athletics through access and funding. To learn more about how we are helping schools increase fundraising across the country, email



To setup your school, simply click on the image below or, go to and get started today. This will allow you to setup a Control Panel account for your school to manage content and prepare your school to be activated on the NIAAA app. It really is simple, we see schools signing up, uploading their content and being live the same day. Be sure to invite your coaches, staff and students to help create and manage content. The more content your school has in the app, the more your program will benefit!



If you or your company provide a service to high schools, booster clubs, athletic departments or is high school athletic related and would like to have your services included in the NIAAA National High School Sports App, contact us at If the service benefits the schools, the NIAAA and the NIAAA App we would love to talk to you. Unlike other services, we are open to work with others taking the "it takes a village" approach. There are hundreds of so called "App" or "Mobile" services hitting the market and coaches are overwhelmed with choices.  Lets work together to improve the access, management and funding of interscholastic athletics.



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