Question: How do I send “FINAL Score Alerts” to all my fans using the NIAAA app?

Answer: Using your Username and Password you access the Control Panel with, you can login on the app. At the bottom of the menu page you will see “Login”. This will allow you to select the sports, game and enter the final score. Our system will automatically add the final score on the appropriate schedule and send a “FINAL Score Alert”. This will be received by all users of the NIAAA app that have your school set as their “default” school. “Default school” can be managed under “Favorites” on the app.

Make sure all your coaches and staff are setup in the Control Panel, your Athletic Director can send invites from the website. Also make sure you have assigned the sports each user should have access to.

Send FINAL Score Alerts from the sideline to your fans no matter where they are on the planet, just like college and pro teams!