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Sideline Access partnered with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) to develop the NIAAA National High School Sports App.  The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association preserves, enhances, and promotes the educational values of interscholastic athletics through the professional development of its members in the area of education, leadership and services. To help further that mission with the use of new technologies, the NIAAA and Sideline Access provide free access to the NIAAA National High School Sports App to every public and private high school in the United States.

The features built into the app are similar to what is common with collegiate and professional sports apps, but until now have never been available to high schools on a national level due to the cost of development and maintenance. We have removed those barriers with the introduction of the NIAAA app.

The NIAAA National High School Sports App is a 100% FREE service we provide to every public or private middle school, junior high and high school in the United States. To register your school for FREE, visit: www.SidelineAccess.com/NIAAAapp.




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UPDATE - Sideline Access is a proud supporter of Interscholastic Athletics and the publisher of the NIAAA National High School Sports App. Our mission is to empower high schools with the use of mobile technologies to improve communication, drive community engagement and generate revenue for their local sports programs. The NIAAA app provides your school with the ability to communicate to your students, parents and fans straight to their smartphone. The average user spends 4.7 hours a day accessing content inside an app, reach your fans and supporters where they are. Not only is the app 100% FREE to every public and private middle school, junior high and high schools in the Untied States, it can generate new, sustainable, recurring revenue since you can now offer mobile advertising benefits to your supporters, Learn More or Register Your School Here for FREE.


UPDATE - We provide you with a FREE mobile sports network to broadcast your sporting events using our tools or broadcasts created on your end. No Pay-Per-View, No Subscriptions, just FREE access to your broadcasts to drive higher engagement. We also offer training to high school students interested in broadcasting; no experience is better than real world opportunities. Our team has years of experience in the collegiate broadcasting business and we are excited to bring this capability to our participating schools. Broadcasting your games and shows over the NIAAA National High School Sports App is FREE. Start Broadcasting Today over the NIAAA High School Sports Network on the NIAAA App or better yet, let us help you create your own Sports Network with a built in Worldwide Audience!


Reach millennials and parents in a family-friendly environment while helping to support Interscholastic Athletics. Currently 77% of high school students, 58% middle schools and even 48% of elementary students carry smartphones. Tie that with 88% of local advertising will be mobile based by 2016 and you have the best method to reach and engage your audience. Whether you want to advertise on just your local school, regionally, statewide or nationally, we can create an effective campaign for your business or service in which you can access detailed analytics to see the return on your investment. LEARN MORE or contact us at, email: advertising@sidelineaccess.com.


Generate new revenue for your school by providing officially licensed apparel and merchandise to your fans to gear up for the game and to show their team spirit. We offer top quality merchandise and the latest styles for men, woman and kids. Coming Soon! To learn more about selling your products or wears on the NIAAA App Fan Shop, fanshop@sidelineaccess.com


UPDATE - Who has spare time to wait in line? We provide a mobile & Print ticket solution. Now your fans can purchase tickets to your events directly from NIAAA app just like buying movie tickets. Improve attendance to your events by offering your fans the ability to buy tickets right on their cell phones. To enable our FREE Mobile Tickets for your school or to learn more about our print tickets, contact support@sidelineaccess.com.


Join the app that is changing how high school sports is covered. Registering your school is FREE and only takes seconds, our team will contact you and assist in setting up your school on the NIAAA App. Once your school is LIVE, you'll look like a RockStar! Register Your School Today!

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What People Are Saying

You have managed to carve out the last remaining space in mobile by offering a powerful service to both the high schools and parents while supporting high school athletics across the country. Great job, every school should use this free service to advance their sports program and offer hands-on experience to their students. 

Brad Ford, Parent

Brad Ford, Parent

Memphis, TN

“Hutchinson High School is excited for the launch of the NIAAA National High School Sports App. Having one location for access to schedules, rosters, news articles and broadcasts as well as links to our social media accounts is an easy way to connect with our fans! The app is easy to use and will be a popular download for Salthawk fans and alumni all over the nation.”

Eric Armstrong, CAA

Eric Armstrong, CAA

Hutchinson High School, Hutchinson, Kansas

“Having the addition of the NIAAA app will increase our communication to our Newton Cardinal fans across the country. Connecting with alumni, parents, family, and friends is a great advantage in our fundraising efforts! Mobile communication is the future of interscholastic athletics and the NIAAA app provides high schools the tools to market our teams, increase public relations, increase our brand, and raise revenue to provide our student-athletes a great high school experience.”

Scott Garvis, Director of Athletics & Activities

Scott Garvis, Director of Athletics & Activities

Newton High School, Newton, IA

Thanks so much for putting this app together. Our friends and fans are really excited about it! The “Sideline Access” that this service provides brings the fans right to our front porch. Great job!

Amy Molina, Athletic & Recreation Director

Amy Molina, Athletic & Recreation Director

U-32 Raiders, Montpelier, Vermont

“The app is easy to use and a great resource to keep your parents and community involved. Paper schedules are a thing of the past, and everyone can contribute to your Athletic Department’s promotion! Looking forward to seeing how this evolves and improves as we get better at utilizing it.”

Brian Conn, Athletic Director

Brian Conn, Athletic Director

Ida Baker High School, Cape Coral, Florida

“This app is so cool, even Kayne West loves it. Everything you need as a high school sports fan is just a click away. Want to know who number 37 on the football team is? Click on the team roster. Want a score from a game played two weeks ago? Click on the schedule. Want to listen to the game during cousin Sarah’s wedding? There’s a link for that, too. This app does everything except bring you nachos at halftime. And they are working on that feature too… Find it, Download it, Use it.”

Chip Souza, Sports Editor

Chip Souza, Sports Editor

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette


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Question: Can I add my junior high and middle schools to the NIAAA App?

Answer: Private or public Junior High and Middle School in the United States can join the NIAAA App. You will receive the same features available to the high schools.  The service is […]

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Question: How do I send “FINAL Score Alerts” to all my fans using the NIAAA app?

Answer: Using your Username and Password you access the Control Panel with, you can login on the app. At the bottom of the menu page you will see “Login”. This […]


Question: How can my school use the NIAAA app to generate revenue to support our athletic department?

Answer: Our #1 goal is to benefit interscholastic athletics in everyway we can. This is one of the biggest questions we love to answer. Your school generates revenue from advertising, […]

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Our Team

Tim Lee

Tim Lee


Over 20 years experience building, operating and creating new and exciting web and mobile services. For me it comes down to this, “Passion, forward thinking, detailed planning, execution, serve others, always deliver…… and do it fast!” When I’m not working, I’m with my two boys usually at a speed camp, field, gym or some sort of youth sports event and consume a solid diet of sunflower seeds and hot dogs on a normal basis. I love youth sports and the opportunity to show what dedication, commitment and hard work is all about.

Greg Dunn

Greg Dunn


After learning BASIC on the Atari 2600 in the early 80s, Greg discovered the internet in 1989 and has been working on iPhone games and apps since 2008. He brings decades of professional IT and development knowledge to the table and is happy to be bringing all of that knowledge together to give back to the community with a national high school sports app.

Blair Cartwright

Blair Cartwright

Director of Broadcasting
An award winning broadcast veteran with over 30 years experience covering high school and college sports. The opportunity to bring two of my favorite passions, sports and technology, together is incredible. The chance to do this on the high school level is simply awesome!

Jennifer Hart

Jennifer Hart

Creative Director

This quote pretty much sums it up… “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” – Maya Angelou. 

I am a mom, wife, friend, designer, photographer, painter, crafter, garage sale junkie, and LOVE being creative in all aspects of life! I have great respect for beautiful design and the design process. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I’m blessed to do what I love on a daily basis with an awesome group of guys. 

Steven Brooks

Steven Brooks

Partner & Advisor

Steve has a 25 year track record of investing in, advising, creating, buying and selling companies.  Great businesses are anchored by passionate, visionary leaders who know how to galvanize a team of talented individuals around an idea.  Steve is a Managing Director with NewRoad Ventures, an early stage growth equity firm that focuses on growing demand-driven businesses and creating disruptive new companies.  Steve has 3 little humans known as Matthew (11), Eli (8), and Maggie Ann (5), all of which love sports and outdoors, especially football and fishing.